Welcome to my world 😉

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Hi! I’m Arnau Dalmau Escué. My field is desktop publishing, translation and localisation from English and German into Catalan and Spanish, both for companies and professionals.

I finished a Master’s Degree in localisation, so I work with software translation, websites, apps and all kinds of multimedia products, such as subtitling, scripts translation, audio description, etc.

Because of my scientific and technical education, I’m specialized in translating technical and scientific texts, but I also translate general purpose texts. Drop me an email with whatever you want to translate and we can talk about it.

I’m also specialized in desktop publishing using LATEX (mostly scientific papers). You can see the report on my last project by clicking here.

Additionally, I work with review and proofreading texts in Catalan and Spanish.

Take a look at my CV if you want to know my story (:

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Besides translating EN, DE > CA, ES, I’m specialized on desktop publishing using LATEX. You can see the report of my last project clicking here.

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I’m a geek!

Yes, you read it right. I love geeky things. Amongst other things, I:

  • Solve the Rubik’s cube in lesss than 30 seconds (watch me here).
  • Collect mechanical keyboards (take a look at the gallery).
  • Build my own keyboards (like the one in the picture – watch a timelapse).
  • Mod my mice to suit my needs (watch the timelapse).
  • Use chunks of wood to build headphone stands (take a look at the gallery).
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